Wednesday, October 12, 2016

Golf Thailand

Do you plan to golf Thailand?

Golf Thailand 

Thailand have  more than two hundred golf courses . For golfers, Thailand is golf paradise. This blog will guide you to plan your vacation golf Thailand. Thailand golf courses vary from very cheap to very expensive. Golfer should be plan about location, time and budget for good vacation. I have guide 3 step:-
  • Plan
  • Booking
  • Go

  Golfer will enjoy golf Thailand if have good plan about golf course, time and budget.
Location:  Golfer should be find golf course near your hotel to save time and transport cost. See “Golf Thailand list” table in previous blog
Time:  Golfer can save green fee if select right tee off time (Golf course promotion )
Budget:  This is important thing to consider
  1. Green fee:  Green fee are vary from 400-5,000 THB depend on golf course. Weekend is full rate. For save money, please check each golf course promotion. Example :- Weekday is discount 30-50%,  Sport day 50% or more,  Afternoon   tee time will cheaper than morning.
  2. Caddie fee:  From 250-400 THB (1 Golfer : 1 Caddie )
  3. Caddie tip : 300 THB (You can tip more)
  1. Golf cart fee : 500-1,200THB (You can walk, please ask to reception)
  2. Golf club set rental:  700-1,200 THB
  3. Golf shoes rental:  150-300 THB
  4. Umbrella rental:  50-200 THB
Prepare your accessories
  1. Protect sunlight cap or hat
  2. Sunblock
  3. Gloves
  4. Clothes
  5. Golf balls
Golf Thailand can booking by 2 ways
  1. Online booking (Pay by credit card) Some golf course have official website. Golfer can booking online. Some  agency website have special discount price, Golfer can save money.
  2. Telephone call: Golfer can direct call to ask details and booking tee time. This way will good to clarify your question.

  1. Golfer should be arrive golf course 30 minute before tee off time.
  2. Drop your golf bag or rent golf set from pro shop.
  3. Buy green fee, Caddie fee and golf cart (option)
  4. Prepare drinking water.
  5. Start golfing: Go to start hole before tee time a little bit and start playing on time.
  6. Relax at Kiosk: Almost golf courses have Kiosk every 4-5 holes. Golfer can rest and buy drinking water.
  7. Tip to caddie after playing finish.
  8. Take a shower at club house: Club house locker have towel, shampoo, soap, hair dryer service.
 I wish my blog will help you plan vacation golf Thailand. If have any question, please ask in comment box. Enjoy your trip.

Golf course view
Golf  Thailand